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Poster: JihadOMuffin Date: Nov 22, 2010 9:48am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: I wonder if Osama listens to the GRATEFUL DEAD?

Just to clarify, I am 100% for Tolerance of other people. This is how I got into this. You can bash Islam all you want. But I have a couple amazing Islamic friends, not orthodox or anything, and they are really great people. The Hate Mongering Conservatives in this country really piss me off.

Many people take for granted the information Americans have access too. I recently heard that most people in Afghanistan have never even heard of 9/11. So they don't even understand why America is all over the middle east. Their opinion of Christianity is the same as many American's opinion of Islam.

There is that argument for gun control that goes like this: it wasn't the gun, but the finger that pulled the trigger. That is how I think of religion: Most are very good and teach good things; but the people who practiced it, didn't do it in a humane responsible way.

Believe me I am highly pissed by Saudi's treatment of women, and people getting whipped for having illegitimate sex, and that crazy shit with little boys in Afghanistan, that shit is totally wrong. Not to mention Indonesian fascist laws against weed. I don't support that stuff.

I took this great Jazz History Class, and we read this article called "America's Super Weapon." This weapon was Louis Armstrong. Our music is so great that the Fascists and Communists were scrambling to outlaw syncopation. We don't need wars to prove ourselves as people, our culture has all ready dominated the world.

What if we took a tenth of the Pentagon budget and flew bands to the middle east to play for free? Show them why America truly is so great.